About Martland Mill

About  Martland Mill


In 2007 Andy and Marie MacGregor purchased the historic mill to accommodate their Telecoms business, and in doing so renovated each floor of the building to create fully service managed offices for a range of SMEs.

A Business Community

There are currently 24 independent businesses operating from Martland Mill, with tenants representing a mix of businesses and professions, including Accountants, IFA’s, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Stationary Suppliers and Builders. Martland Mill is set in the heart of Burscough and enjoys a great business community within the managed offices.

Martland Mill reception is headed up by Sue Smith whose skill in putting tenants first and ensuring all their visitors and callers receive exceptional service is a cornerstone of the business. It was clear early on that the tenants in the Mill really appreciated a great receptionist, and in Sue they have someone who takes customer care to the next level with an old-fashioned approach that is all about quality, service and honesty.


Meet the Team


Andy + Marie MacGregor


Sue Smith

Lead Receptionist

Helen Bentley


Pippa Hyde