Yes, if you work from home and would like to give the impression of working for a larger company.

Yes, if you want your home address to remain out of the public domain.

Yes, if you receive a lot of deliveries that need signing for and want to ensure that someone is able to take hold of these for you.

Virtual Mailbox Benefits

Virtual mailboxes can offer a lot of benefits for people working within the SME sector, especially when they are away from the office or working from home. This can help save costs in the initial set-up stages, as you don’t have to consider renting office accommodation until it’s warranted or until a time when you need to employ more staff.

Having a virtual address within your locality means that you can rest assured knowing that your mail is being delivered to a safe place, and that it will be signed for and kept for you.

The other main advantage of having a virtual mailbox is that your security is protected and you don’t have to worry about giving your home address out and have it displayed within your business credentials on the internet.

For a small monthly rental fee, a virtual mailbox works by giving you access to a physical mailbox for you to check, or via a mail forwarding service, so you don’t have to give out your address. A professional business address can also give your image that professional edge. You can also use virtual mail forwarding addresses to your advantage by giving the impression that you are a local business.

Most virtual mailbox services have several locations for you to choose from and offer a number of ways for you to retrieve your mail – collection, forwarding or holding. Most virtual mailbox companies also offer a free notification service, informing you when your mail is available or has arrived.


Digital Mailboxes

Digital mailboxes work by having your postal mail scanned and sent to you electronically. This service offers the ability to reduce paper cluttering your desk and which is accessible via the internet. Virtual mailbox companies usually store, organise and file your post online for you, as well as sending you notifications relating to bill payments etc. Although this service has yet to catch on in the UK, Australia and America seem to be innovators in this area with Europe slowly becoming up to speed with this service, especially Denmark.

If you have any experience in using virtual or digital mailboxes, let us have your thoughts and opinions.

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