Can you start your own business? Of course you can!

The idea

So, if you have the idea and are passionate about it, what’s stopping you? There are a number of campaigns and initiatives out there to enable you to progress on your start-up journey. Having the right people around you, and the passion and belief in your project, is all you need.


We would suggest starting by brainstorming your idea, talking to family, friends and associates about it, to gain some informal initial feedback and to ensure that you can answer any questions that may be put to you. Also, look into companies/businesses that already do what you want to do, to enable you to see how successful your idea could be. The more research the better.


Think about the brand and identity of your product/service. What will your brand say about you? Is it relevant? If you would like some further guidance in relation to branding, have a look at an article we collated here.

Get a Mentor

What better person to help you devise a business, than one who has already been there and done it. Doesn’t have to be a stranger, could be someone in your social network. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to approach an entrepreneur who you admire – they will probably be flattered that you’ve asked and will be likely to help.

Hatch a Plan

After this, devise a business plan – there are plenty of guides available online. You will find that banks and government start-up websites will have links to information that can assist you in producing a business plan.


Think about how much money you may need to start your business. It may not cost much, you could use savings, ask for sponsorship, or if it’s a large project, see your bank or building society for information on business loans. Have a look at our blog which outlines the Business Finance Guide here.


You’ve got your idea ready to go, complete the steps required to take it forward, it would now be a good time to start the promotional campaign! With Social Media, and tools such as Hootsuite, you can pre-plan your social media posts. Have a look at our guide to Social Media Strategies here.

Finally, there is an abundance of government websites, all with case studies, checklists and advice for growing your business. Please see below a selection, and do get in touch if we’ve inspired you to start-up!



Business is GREAT - support, advice for growing your business (HM Government)

H M Government Guide to setting up on your own. 

Nat West Bank - Business Guide.

BT Business

Small Business Advice