Mobile marketing is a hot trend this year, so we thought it would be useful to provide a brief overview of mobile marketing for our tenants. Read on for some quick tips! 

Top tips for your optimising your website.

  • Ensure your website is optimised for viewing on all smartphones and tablets.
  • When developing your homepage for mobile marketing use, make sure your key words are visible straight away, with a direct call to action.
  • Prioritise your content in terms of sales messages and offers.
  • Consider taking advantage of the iBeacon (see blog here) for sales/offers.  As 40% of purchasing is now done via a mobile or tablet, you can take advantage of this targeted form of mobile marketing.
  • Sync apps, where possible, to give your user a more efficient visit to your site, and enable autofill fields.  For example, if you’re offering a product for sale on your site, link it to the relevant store and give an option to share on social media.  People like to let other know what they’ve bought, and it’s a free form of marketing for you too.
  • Consider the ‘Internet of Things’ – if your product is technological, can the consumer switch the washing machine on from their handset? Think about how you can use your website and mobile version to incorporate future advances in technology. 


Reasons for using smartphones

Please consider the other reasons for people using their smartphones - for example, shopping.  Video marketing is still a hot trend amongst businesses and retailers, so make sure that videos are embedded on your website and consider using video as part of your overal digital content strategy.  See a previous blog from our friends, Face for Business, in relation to video marketing here


Using Google Analytics

Perhaps you could Google Analytics to view the number of people searching your site from a mobile -  you will see that the number of visits from a mobile device is increasing.  


Mobile marketing on the increase

Mobile marketing is only going to increase.  Plan now and it will pay off in future. 

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