Are you ready for iBeacon? Do you know what it is?

The iBeacon is a location transmitter that sends notifications in relation retail opportunities in your area! A great idea, perhaps, for retail marketers - as it forward push notifications to any IOS devices in their area, making them aware of your product.

The iBeacon seems to:-
• Tell retailers how long people are in your store for.
• Lets retailers know about the types products consumers are reviewing.
• Track devices in-store, and hold information about which department the device is in.
• Offer the ability to make payments (similar to contactless).
• Offer a good tracking service.
• Be able to offer bearby event information.

The iBeacon is currently being tested at Apple, Waitrose and Tesco stores. It’s also being tested at various airports, to see if can help boarding more efficient. 


How does iBeacon work?

The iBeacon is similar to Bluetooth, and works with compatible devices and apps, which connect to iBeacons. Hardware can be bought as coin cell devices, USB sticks or a blue-tooth enabled dongles, starting from £4.00.

If you would like to research the iBeacon further, have a read of the articles below.


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