This year’s theme for the Martland Mill Christmas Party was “Play Your Cards Right" alongside a Best Christmas Hat competition!

Our host was Andy, with his Bruce Forsyth cardboard face mask which was superb, and his play your cards right catchphrases came through in full flow “Dollies do your dealing” and “Good Game, Good Game, Good Game“! Our tenants entered the famous card game in pairs, and cries of "Higher! Lower! Higher! Lower!" could be heard throughout the Hopvine.


Sue and Marie played their part as The Dolly Dealers and Kevin, our IT Technician, was in charge of the music playing the theme tune from the famous TV show. Nicola and Jason Holden, from Holden Associates, were first up against Kevin and Kate, followed by Andrew and Dave from our newest tenants Fat Badger Photography, who played against Rob and Andy from North West Linux for rounds one and two. 


Round three saw Tony from Desktop paired up with Nicola from Burscough Parish Council, against Allen and James from CRB/DBS. Come round four Hannah and Gloria from CRB/DBS were rivals with Jessica from JFA Legal and Lauren!

Great fun was had by all whilst attempting to answer all the questions asked of by our host "Andy 'Bruce Forsyth' MacGregor".  Both Kevin and Kate Faragher were worthy winners of a huge bottle of champagne!

After some delicious food served up by our Hopvine hosts Mike and Julie, we had our Christmas Hat Competition, and the entrants for this Christmas decorated hat were; Sue Smith, Andy MacGregor, Rob Heaton, Andy of North West Linux, Lauren of Holden Associatess, Nicola of BPC, Andrew and Dave of Fat Badger, and finally Tim and Mel from Moto Sport Systems.  Mike the Landlord of The Hopvine was honorary judge for this competition - many thanks went to Mike as he only found out that he was judging the competition two minutes before the start!

The winner in this category was Andy from Noth West Linux who looked particularly good in his little Elf number, complete with fairy lights and huge pointed ears!  The technical side of this hat was admired because the battery for the fairy lights had been neatly stored away in the Elf Boot on the side of the hat “WELF DONE ANDY”!

We had a second surprise hat category which was won by Steve Davies of Steve Davies Solicitors this was for the most colourful -  Steve’s huge Mexican Sombrero brought plenty of laughter & fun to the party.


A great time was had by all and we are already looking forward to next year’s party!