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Virtual Office

Get A Virtual Office Address for Your Business

Are you operating your business from home and would benefit from a credible business address that helps you maintain a competitive advantage and greater presence? Martland Mill provide a range of professional business services at great prices.

Virtual Office Address

6 Months from £120.00

12 Months from £200.00*

*Weekly Equivalent of less than £4.00

For a small outlay you will get full use of a virtual office address at Martland Mill. Your new business address would be:

“Your Company Name”
Martland Mill
Mart Lane, Burscough
Lancashire L40 0SD

Great Value Virtual Office Addresses

Our Plan Includes:

Your Company Name Registered at our Address

Unlimited Receipt of Mail

Free Collection of Mail

Packages Accepted

Forwarding of Mail by Agreement or on Request

Martland Mill Virtual Office